• The Wonders of Avocado Oil for the Skin
  • Charla Jones
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The Wonders of Avocado Oil for the Skin

See these avocado oil for skin benefits

We’ve known about the nourishing skin benefits of avocado oil since the days of the Aztecs—however Lupita Nyong’o just blasted the wonder oil into the celeb-osphere when she let us all in on her magic secret for beautiful, glowing skin.

This isn’t a newsflash for discerning moisturizers like you and me, but we’re happy to see the reign of coconut oil upended.

Avocado oil is such an amazing oil for dehydrated and undernourished skin—and that’s why it got grandfathered into my formulations when I set out to create Eu2Be.

With superior anti-aging benefits, it was one of those ingredients I had to include in Eu2Be because it actually counters our skin’s slowing collagen production—the primary component in connective tissue—as the aging process takes hold.

Avocado oil plays a leading role in Eu2Be lotion and oil for its vitamins A, D and E, plus lecithin, potassium, beta-carotene and a showcase of healing fatty acids that resembles our skin's own sebum.

Avocado oil goes on light but works hard for you, regenerating and rejuvenating your skin from the daily abuses it endures.

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When I wrote about the difference between hydration and moisture a few weeks back. I called out avocado oil as “a potent, healing oil” that “ provides significant hydration and skin elasticity improvements.“

Indeed, it is an exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil that absorbs quickly, penetrating deep in the skin layers without leaving an unsightly sheen.

When I talk about anti-inflammatory benefits, I’m referring to its contribution to Eu2Be’s healing effect on acne scars, sun spots and other causes of skin discoloration. It even provides natural sun protection, reportedly at about an SPF of 6-8, from both UVB and UVA rays.

Protection. Rejuvenation. And softening. These qualities help explain why people love the way Eu2Be moisturizing lotion and enriching oil soften rough skin, refine skin texture and plump fine lines.

If there’s an Oscar for moisturizing skin care ingredients, avocado oil would be up for a lifetime achievement award—and at her current rate, I expect we’ll be seeing Lupita with one of those in her hands some day, too.

Photo is a derivative of an image by "threelayercake" on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

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  • Charla Jones
  • Anti-AgingBrazilian OilsNatural Skincare IngredientsSkin Moisturizer

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