• The Mesmerizing Power of the Passionflower for Skin Care
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The Mesmerizing Power of the Passionflower for Skin Care
The natural skincare power of the passion flower

We’re naturally dazzled by superficial appearances and alluring beauty, but if you think the passionflower is all flash, think again. Its multi-layered story will surprise you.

The winter appearance of the passion fruit has me pining for the warm sun of its native South America.

But even before January’s big chill, we were already passionate fans of the passiflora—home to not only the fruit, but also the flower, from which we extract its marvelous oil.

The passionflower’s maracuja oil is one of the ‘illuminating ingredients’ found in Eu2Be’s award-winning body oil, nourishing lotion and luxurious soap—and while its benefits for the skin are compelling, its history is equally fascinating.

The passionflower’s unique and strikingly beautiful botanic form has served as inspiration for art and architecture the world over—and it has been leveraged by Christians and Jews alike for religious or spiritual teachings, in Christ’s crucifixion and Kabbalism, respectively.

Although the stories vary as to the meaning of its delicate filaments, a closer look at the passionflower accentuates how easy it is to be taken in by the appearance of things.

Even today, where information is only a keystroke away, we take in stories about all kinds of stuff on face value—including ingredients and products—even when we know that truth and beauty are “greater than skin deep.”

The passionflower abounds with symbolism, picking up different names as it made its horticultural journey. In Spain, it would be known as the granadilla or ”little pomegranate.” In Japan, it’s called the "clock-faced flower." And in the southern US, it’s called "maypop."

You can see how each culture projected its own story onto the passionflower’s beauty, but interestingly it took much longer to validate what South American people have known for hundreds of years—its medicinal use to relieve stress and anxiety, heal wounds and as a calming and soothing remedy for irritated skin.

There’s another side to every story, and that’s why we take a close look at the stories behind our ingredients to not only assess the impact they will have on our skin and our wellbeing but to uncover the truth for which they’re culturally valued.

A Passionate Guardian for Your Skin

Passion fruit’s abundance in markets during the winter months just happens to correspond with our need for its oil in combatting winter dry skin woes, with deep moisturizing effectiveness for dry, itchy and irritated skin.

If any plant can be considered a guardian of the skin, it’s the passionflower—maracuja oil , rich with linoleic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid that protects the skin from dryness and reduces inflammation.

Maracuja oil is just one of Eu2Be’s award-winning Enrich + Radiate Oil’s 15 skin-conditioning oils that keep skin lovely and rejuvenated.

Winter’s Must-Have Moisture Fix—from Brazil with Love.

Award-winning best natural body oil for dry skin

Eu2Be’s award-winning Enrich + Radiate Oil, with moisture-locking Brazilian oils including maracuja oil, does not disappoint when it comes to luxuriously moisturizing parched skin. It’s full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that hydrate, protect and play well with others:

  • Add it to your hair conditioner for a moisturizing boost to your hair care regimen
  • Add it to damp or wet hair for softening results, hydration and shine
  • Mix 1 drop with each handful of lotion you apply and take your skin care routine to the next level

Winter is a moisture vampire, draining skin of the softness and suppleness that make it beautiful—so don’t just survive, thrive like the passionflower.

The passionflower photo was captured by Eu2Be founder Charla Jones. The beautiful painting Passion Flowers and Hummingbirds is from about 1870–83 by Martin Johnson Heade (American, 1819–1904) at our beloved MFA Boston.

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