Illuminating Ingredients

Nothing Superficial: Our Philosophy on Skin Care Ingredients.

There’s nothing superficial about going deep to bring more fortifying skin care benefits of some of the most high-performing, culturally prized natural skincare ingredients you'll find anywhere.

Within our rare blends of up to 15 enriching, luxurious oils, you’ll find a world of cultural traditions in every touch and a broad spectrum of ingredients Mother Nature makes available to clean, nourish and protect your skin.

Our natural, "culturally prized" oils have been passed down through generations from around the world, setting the gold standard by which we select and formulate Eu2Be's award-winning skin care collection.

Culture embodies what works from generations of ancestral achievement.

What’s the Secret to Beautiful Skin?

Maintaining your health and well-being are a good start. Nothing contributes more to dull, lifeless skin than neglecting to moisturize your skin on a daily basis.

Our skin naturally loses its ability to retain moisture as we age, which means the dermis loses its elasticity. That’s why we promote the importance of Taking 5 — giving yourself just a few minutes each day for focused attention and care for your skin.

Ingredients that go deep, with lipid-rich oils that mirror our own skin’s sebum enable a daily dose of good stuff like antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Omega-rich oils, vitamins A, C and E that condition, repair and restore skin, our first line of defense.

There's No Such Thing as a Single, Magic Ingredient.

Healthy skin requires a well-rounded diet of ingredients. It needs more than one thing, because the skin’s surface is a busy one. There are multiple health functions happening at any given moment: the permeable barrier, the insulator, the regulator and the source of sensory stimulation.

Functionality is a fundamental characteristic in selecting ingredients, and Eu2Be formulas reflect a blend of premium, natural ingredients working together with good science in appropriate, safe proportion—no simple-minded focus on a single component or magical ingredient.

And with today's environmental factors, the skin’s job is an exceptionally challenging one because it must combat forces like harmful irritants that threaten damage, but the job is made easier when skin is supple and nourished.

No Junk Ingredients.

Why are natural skin care ingredients important? Similar to the concept that eating junk isn’t good for our health, junk ingredients in skin care products are no better. Eu2Be is made in the USA with the highest standard of natural and effective ingredients.

With up to 15 culturally-prized, high-performing, skin-conditioning oils, all Eu2Be products contain combinations of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. There are also no glutens. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No toxins. No GMOs. No animal testing. No questionable ingredients.

Why are parabens bad? Parabens in skin care products act as preservatives and anti-microbials, but they are said to interfere with the body’s hormones, most notably reproductive hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Eu2Be products do not contain estrogen-disruptive butyl-, ethyl-, isobutyl-, methyl-, or propyl- parabens.

Beauty care products need preservatives to ensure product safety by staving off bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms—especially for products with a high concentration of natural botanicals and oils, like Eu2Be.

That's why we selected the preservative phenoxyethanol, because it is paraben-free and is not a formaldehyde-releasing substance. It has an excellent track record and is the proven “go-to” preservative for many natural and organic skin care brands today.

Just a Hint of Fragrance.

For any child of the seventies, aromas of patchouli, musk and Chanel No 5 were hard to escape. Naturally I developed an affinity for perfumes and scents early on, preferring earthy, complicated and mysterious fragrances to sweet floral and fruity scents.

The reason for that is my Aunt Eugenia. Upon returning from one of her Paris sojourns, she designated Jean Patou’s 1000 as the family scent—and life was never the same.

When it comes to scents, natural doesn’t always mean harmless and good, and having a little help from science is not evil or harmful.

Our customers praise Eu2Be’s distinctively subtle, unisex fragrance because it's not forward or overpowering. It was designed for people who are sensitive to strong, allergy-triggering ingredients.

And most importantly, it does not have any phthalates, formaldehydes or hormone-altering components that are commonly associated with fragrance ingredients.

Few can place their finger on just what its top notes are. Shhh... Sandalwood. Cedarwood. Wild fig. Precisely the scent that delights this child of the seventies.

Why Natural Skincare Ingredients Nourish Your Skin

There are many paths to moisture and smoothness, but ethnobotanical oils contain a broad spectrum of lipids, with skin care benefits that fortify function and results—always foremost considerations in formulating Eu2Be skin care products.

1. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and B6vitamins that have the effect of plumping and firming the skin, making fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles less visible. In combination with other Eu2Be oil ingredients—castor, sunflower, sesame—the almond makes Eu2Be oil a natural way to season your skin against harmful UV rays and sun damage. Learn more about Sweet Almond Oil in my post on the Eu2Be blog.

2. Avocado Oil is chock-full of antioxidants and Omega-3 acids that deliver the same reputed health benefits for the skin as for the body. A substance called sterolin has been shown to facilitate the softening of skin and reduction of incidence of age spots. For more skincare facts about Avocado Oil, read my post on The Wonders of Avocado Oil for the Skin.

3. Babassu Oil is one of my Brazilian “go-to” oils. Rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, it also has anti-inflammatory and collagen-protecting properties for anti-aging defense. And lauric acid, the same saturated fatty acid partly responsible for giving coconut oil its superfood status, makes up about half of the babassu’s composition. You can learn more about the babassu palm and how this natural, sustainable ingredient compares with coconut oil in my blog post on the 7 Benefits of Babassu Seed Oil in Natural Skincare.   

4. Brazil Nut Oil contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids that come to the aid of dry skin, wrinkles, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Eu2Be's creamy lotion and luxurious body oil give your skin a healthy, radiant glow. We'll cover this oil in more detail soon! 

5. Broccoli Seed Oil leaves your skin noticeably silky because of a high Omega-9 fatty acid called erucic acid, and that's one reason Eu2Be gives skin that natural glow, with restorative properties that can ramp up collagen production, stimulate cell turnover and enhance skin suppleness. It’s thought that the Romans were the first to eat broccoli, but don't just eat your greens—here are 5 Reasons Why Broccoli Seed Oil Is Fantastic for Your Skin.

6. Buriti Seed Oil is a restorative agent for skin and is responsible for the natural golden orange color in Eu2Be wash and Eu2Be oil. Native people of Amazonia call it the Tree of Life, and it is the richest known source oil in beta-carotene and Vitamin A for the skin.

7. Castor Oil can be easy to write off as granny's old-fashioned cure for whatever ails you, but it's well known throughout most of the world for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, as well as its ability to moisturize, fight signs of aging, fade blemishes and brighten skin. That's the reason you'll find it in all of our products, and we'll be diving into more detail about this wonder oil real soon.

8. Coco-Caprylate/Caprate is a natural skin-conditioning agent derived from coconut oil to make quality skincare products feel silky and smooth on your skin. It's got an un-natural sounding name, but a sensory—and even sensual—experience is an important benefit of a good skin care ritual, so read up on What's Coco-Caprylate Doing In My Natural Skin Care Products?

9. Macadamia Nut Oil’s fatty acid profile is very similar to that of the human sebum—the oily substance that our sebaceous glands produce to help lubricate and protect skin—giving it the ability to easily penetrate the skin’s epidermis to deliver its softening, moisturizing and healing properties.

10. Mango Seed Butter is truly one of the beauty world’s best-kept secrets. And even better, our mangoes are sustainably wild-harvested! Discover the Inner Beauty of the Mango for Skin Care.

11. Maracuja Oil derives from the passionflower and is one that the skin just drinks in. It has many of the necessary ingredients to help keep skin cells lively and rejuvenated. Full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins—it hydrates, protects and plumps the skin. Like other Vitamin A, C and antioxidant rich oils, it can slow skin damage while boosting cell growth, which keeps skin youthful. Read more about The Mesmerizing Power of the Passionflower for Skin Care.

12. Moringa is among the most expensive and precious oils in the world—and one of the 15 high-functioning oils in Eu2Be's Enrich + Radiate Oil. Highly emollient, moringa oil not only provides healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, but also gives skin a healthy glow.

13. Nangai Oil contains high levels of powerhouse fatty acids like palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic (Vitamin F). It is known for softening and healing the skin, and it’s also a great hair conditioning oil, supporting shine and strength in hair care.

14. Rice Bran Oil has been a staple in both diet and skincare throughout Asia for two thousand years. So when I talk about Eu2Be products being comprised of “culturally prized” ingredients, the intriguing way rice bran oil is integrated into Japanese culture perfectly demonstrates what I mean. Now learn all about the 5 Ancient Secrets of Rice Bran Oil for Skin Care.

15. Sunflower Seed Oil is not only high in vitamins A, C, D and E, it also contains antioxidants that help you fight off free radicals and really shines in hydrating skin. Here's What We Can Learn about Anti-Aging Skin Care from the Sunflower’s Daily Practice. You can enjoy the power of the sunflower in Eu2Be's formidable lotion and penetrating body oil.

16. Tamanu Oil has been proven in clinical studies to demonstrate wound-healing properties for damaged and troubled skin. This topical anti-inflammatory healing agent is composed of water-binding lipids that are highly effective for eczema, rashes, other skin conditions—as well as over-exposure to the sun. This not-so-secret nut oil has flown largely under the radar of the beauty-industrial complex, so get ahead of curve now on Tamanu oil for skin with these 5 Secrets of Tamanu Oil for Skin Care.

17. Vitamin E Oil is listed on Eu2Be's creamy lotion and luxurious body oil as Tocopherol, but don't let that name throw you off. E oil is well known for its antioxidant and skin-healing properties, and it's also a great hydrator and defender of the skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. That means it helps you look your youthful best!

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