Founder's Story

Eu2Be Skin Care brand founder Charla Jones in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Why I Created Eu2Be. 

Eu2Be (just say "You to Be") was inspired by my beloved Aunt Eugenia, who embodied beauty as a creative force that we can tap into daily to empower a sense of well-being.

I wanted to connect the beauty we inherit from our guardians—beloved grandmothers, aunts and mothers—with the beauty we get to create with our focused attention and skin care products.

So I turned to a host of cornerstone, ethnobotanical, high-functioning natural oils—proven over centuries—to formulate Eu2Be products. Since then, I've been working to spark a new conversation about skin and beauty through my writings on the Eu2Be blog and other publications like MindBodyGreen, Beauty Independent and more.

Skin needs a new story.

Our skin story engages not only people like me — who prioritize the care of the skin we live in — it empowers everyone via their daily regimen to answer the possibility of who ‘Eu’ are destined '2Be.'

Eu2Be Skin Care Products are the guardian of the first move, not the finishing touch.

Be the guardian of what is precious — what’s precious is the body that is your home and the skin you live in, not the face you present to the world.

Charla Jones
Eu2Be Founder, CEO


From her maternal grandmother’s Midwestern speakeasy where jazz and blues greats like B.B. King played for glamorous crowds, to her world-traveling aunt Eugenia for whom Eu2Be is named, Charla draws inspiration from the women who cared for her and the ways they embraced and used their creativity.

During her successful career in tech marketing, Charla discovered a connection between creativity (what results from focused attention) and beauty. The idea that beauty is so much more than glamour—and that it can be a creative force for well-being—led her to focus on a skin care philosophy that nurtures and enriches our well-being from the inside out.

And, the "Eu" in Eu2Be has always been about “you"— via the power of your daily beauty regimen—to help you build confidence, fling open the doors of your next happiness and be who you’re destined to be.

"Think about the people you find truly beautiful, and then think about what it is that makes them beautiful to you. There’s nothing superficial about it, and I believe we each have within us the power to create beauty and to be beautiful."

Beauty can’t be rushed or conjured on demand with some magic ingredient. It's through focused attention—by taking 5 and taking care—that we can nurture and enhance its presence from within.

That's why Charla designed Eu2Be Nourishing Skin Care Products—to enhance your beauty and body awareness via the skin care experience.

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