• 7 Benefits of Babassu Seed Oil in Natural Skincare
  • Charla Jones
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7 Benefits of Babassu Seed Oil in Natural Skincare
Check these babassu oil skin benefits

When babassu seed oil first caught my attention, I was astonished to discover how highly versatile it is for skincare—especially when compared with coconut oil.

Babassu palm trees are native to northern and central regions of Brazil, and the babassu oil itself comes from the palm fruits, or nuts, which can grow to six inches in length.

The many uses of babassu seed oil vs coconut oil for skincare

Like coconut oil, babassu seed oil can be saponified and used to make soap—but it lacks coconut oil’s greasy feel, which is why fans have told us Eu2Be "makes your skin feel silky and baby soft all day long.”

And here’s something else you may not know: the saturated fatty acid partly responsible for giving coconut oil its superfood status, lauric acid, makes up about half of the babassu’s composition, making it the Brazilian “go-to” oil.

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So in a nutshell—babassu or otherwise—here are the top 7 reasons I fell in love with babassu seed oil for all Eu2Be natural skincare products:

  1. Babassu seed oil is rich in anti-oxidant Vitamin E, which helps prevent the growth of free radicals in tissues
  2. Its phytosterols provide anti-aging and collagen protection benefits
  3. Babassu’s high concentration of lauric acid performs antibacterial wonders at the skin membrane level
  4. It feels simply amazing, producing a noticeably silky and soothing sensation on the skin
  5. You can kiss those unsightly little pimply skin bumps goodbye
  6. Say so long to eczema and other itchy skin irritations
  7. You’ll also love babassu seed oil for your hair, so feel free to multi-task with Eu2Be oil

When it comes to formulating Eu2Be products, it’s all about selecting ingredients with integrity to deliver the most conditioning and moisturizing benefits to skin—and the best part about the babassu oil in all Eu2Be skin care products is that it’s the real thing: clean, whole and sustainably sourced.

The babassu nut photo is a derivative of a Flickr image by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), used under Creative Commons license.

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  • Charla Jones
  • Anti-Aging SkincareBrazilian OilsNatural Skincare IngredientsNatural Skincare ProductsNatural Skincare ReviewsWinter Dry Skin

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